The entrance of the B-IT building.

The entrance of the B-IT building at night.

Inside the B-IT building.

Inside the B-IT building.

Entering the garden of the B-IT building.

A view into the garden.

The B-IT building overlooking the river Rhine.

A view over the Rhine river.

Architects meet in augmented reality.

Beethoven's parlour in the virtual Beethoven House.

A presentation in the virtual reality cave (i-CONE (TM)).

What our alumni say:
- I am currently doing my PhD and I have to say a lot of thanks to our B-IT, especially my master program Media Informatics. I could not only build the basis for my current research but I also had the opportunity to gain project experience and to improve my various soft skills including language, presentation, communication, and teamwork.

- In my opinion the program Media Informatics is quite unique in the sense that it combines the elements of theoretical knowledge with practical experience which I have rarely seen in other graduate programs. In my current job I regularly have to interact with people from different nationalities.and I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who wants to develop a specialization in media technology while building on his intercultural skills. (Till now we had students from 55 nations. Within one year group we regularly have students from more than 12 nations.)

- This program was a very good mix of theory and practice which is very helpful for both industrial job minded and research minded students.

- A lot of the courses from my master programme have come very handy at my work and the practical and research experiences gained e.g. at the Fraunhofer Institutes through my internships and thesis changed my way of thinking on solving research problems.

- After I received my master’s degree I started my PhD studies at B-IT. Within 9 months one article from me was accepted for publication by IEEE Computer Society and I received a best student paper award for another article from ICISIE.

- I would like to express my most sincere gratitude for all the support in the completion of my Master's studies. I really enjoyed staying in Germany and reserve very fond memories of the place, the people, and it's culture. The years I spent there have been a wonderful learning experience for me and I look forward to visiting the country in the future. (About 2/3 of our alumni stay in Germany, the others return to their home country or work in other countries of the EU or abroad.)

- I can attribute much of my professional success to sound foundations developed during my masters’ studies in Media Informatics. The distinguishing feature of this program is the amazing variety of available courses and labs. Media Informatics students have a unique opportunity to participate in courses from three leading institutions, with accompanying labs to consolidate their concepts via hands-on application. Last, but not the least, my thesis at Fraunhofer IAIS, gave me the chance to become actively involved in German research project VIOLA and EU research project PHOSPHOROUS, which was itself a great experience. My description would stay incomplete without a word about beautiful city of Bonn. The friendly atmosphere and scenic landscape of this city makes it a fascinating living place whose memories are still captivating for me.

- The programme was both challenging and fun. It gave me an opportunity to work with students from different countries and with varying perspectives. One of my favourite aspects were the labs where we went out into the field and obtained some hands-on experience while working with top researchers. I would recommend this programme to anyone!

Media Informatics graduates accepted a wide range of positions in research and business, e.g. at:
4tree GmbH

Ableton AG
Adecco Engineering & IT
Agfa Healthcare
Airbus Group Innovations
Airport Research Center GmbH
Ancud IT Beratung
Ansaldo STS
Arab American University Jenin
ARC International
Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University
Avedas AG
Avid Technology
awato Software GmbH
B-IT Research School
Bahria University
Bank of Mexico
Bayer Technology Services
BCA Auctions
BCA Europe
Bertelsmann AG
Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro GmbH
Bombardier Inc.
Bosch AG
Brainloop AG
BTC Business Technology Consulting AG
Capitaworld Platform Pvt. Ltd.
CBC Cologne Broadcasting Center GmbH
Cellent AG
CERTH (Centre for Research and Technology Hellas)
Chinese Academy of Science
Cloudberrytec oy
CMLabs Simulations Inc.
Cognizant Technology Solutions
Contentteam AG
Crytek GmbH
CSC India
Czech Technical University
Daedalic Entertainment GmbH
Daimler AG
Deloitte AG
Delta Engine GmbH
Deutsche Bank AG
Deutsche Telekom AG
devolo AG
Dolby Laboratories
DP ITServices GmbH
Dynevo GmbH (Bayer)
Ericsson AG
ETH Zürich
Euromoney Institutional Investors
European Computer Telecoms AG
Evimed Online GmbH
Exact Software
Famous Group
Finantix Srl
Forth corporation
Fox Chase
Fraunhofer FGAN
Fraunhofer FIT
Fraunhofer FKIE
Fraunhofer FOKUS
Fraunhofer IAIS
FSU Jena
Game Analytics ApS
Global Crop Diversity Trust
Grandcentrix GmbH
GTT Technologies
Hasselt University
Heinrich-Hertz-Institut HHI Berlin
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Humance AG
i22 internetagentur GmbH
IdeaObject Softwares (Pvt) Ltd.
Ilypsys GmbH
IMC Financial Markets
Infineon Technologies AG
Inforcept Networks
IP Labs GmbH
iPharro Media GmbH
ISRA Surface Vision GmbH
IVU Traffic Technologies AG
Johanes Kepler University
Johnson Controls
K. U. Leuven
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Keynote SIGOS GmbH
Kisters AG
Kuveyt Turk Participation Bank
Lakshmi Technology and Engineering Industries Ltd.
LHS Telekommunikation
Ligatus GmbH
Lufthansa Systems
Max Planck Institute for Informatics
Max Planck Institute for the study of societies
MeVis Medical Solutions AG
Microsoft Research (Advanced Technology Lab in Cairo)
MindArray Pvt. Ltd.
Mobilab Solutions
moneymeets GmbH
Movilizer GmbH
National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences
National University of Ireland Maynooth
National University of Sciences and Technology
Nato Communications and Information Agency
Nemetschek AG
NeuroSky, Inc.
Nexcom IT Services GmbH
Next Level Integration GmbH
NTT Data
Oando Plc
PCI Geomatics
PepsiCo Foods and Beverages
Plinga GmbH
PricewaterhouseCoopers AG
Qiagen GmbH
Qosmotec Software Solutions GmbH
Recogizer Group GmbH
Recommind GmbH
Research Center Jülich
Roamworks Research & Development GmbH
Robert Bosch GmbH
Royal Holloway, University of London
RWTH Aachen University
S&P Capital IQ
Samsung Electronics
SD Inspiring Travel GmbH
sd&m AG
SE Consulting GmbH & Co. KG
Secat GmbH
siCAT GmbH & Co. KG
Siemens AG
Siemens Healthcare AG
Sogou Inc.
Solnista Co.
Solutions 4 Media
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
Suez Canal University
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Sytel Reply GmbH
Technical University Eindhoven
Telemotive AG
Tessella plc
Texas State - Health and Human Services (HHSC) Agency
The University of the West Indies
Thomson Reuters
Tilburg University
Travel Audience
TravelTainment GmbH
TU Darmstadt
TU Dresden
TU Munich
Turk Telekom
Uniklinik Aachen
Uniklinikum Bonn
Universidad Tecnologica de Panama
Universite Paris Sud
University of Agder
University of Asia and the Pacific
University of Augsburg
University of Bonn
University of Cambridge
University of Duisburg-Essen
University of Edinburgh
University of Engineering & Technology Peshawar Pakistan
University of Göttingen
University of Hamburg
University of Heidelberg
University of Houston
University of Oldenburg
University of Stuttgart
University of Tirana
University of Toronto
University of Trento
University of Tübingen
University of Washington
University of Waterloo
University of Zurich
Vantage Labs
Vodafone AG
Wacom Europe GmbH
Westwing Home and Living GmbH
Widespace AB
Workplace Systems
World Bank
Xerox Research Centre Europe
Yieldlab AG
Zalando GmbH

Examples of done master's theses topics:
- Interactive Path Planning and Real-Time Motion Synthesis for Articulated Humanoid Characters in Virtual Environments
- Model Driven Approach in VoiceXML Application Development
- Security Aspects Analysis in Mobile Web Service Provisioning
- Awareness Visualization of BSCW Server
- A Comparative Study of Static Software Analysis Tools with a Special Focus on Software Visualization
- Building Semanticmodel for Common Document Formats With Optimized Searching
- Creating and Exploiting Ontology for Flexible and Natural Multimodal & Voice Dialogs
- A Multimodal Digital Map System with Mutual Disambiguation
- User Centered Requirements Engineering for Highly Situated Collaborative Activities (Early Prototyping of a Wearable Computing System for Fire Fighters)
- Tracking with Ultrasonic Model Recognition, an Approach towards Ultrasonic Vision
- Designing an Information Service for Grid Environments
- A Reliable Grid Information Service Using a Unified Information Model
- Accessibility Analysis of Dynamically Changing Online Applications
- Data Policy Aware Scheduling in Grid Computing Environments
- Secure Distribution of closed group data for the BSCW System
- Matching Operators for Models represented in a Generic Meta Model
- Building an Internet Community for Cooperative Work and Information Sharing
- Location-Awareness and Tracking to improve Museum Experience
- Incorporating E-Accessibility in the Workflow and Design Process of Content Management Systems
- Sensor Fusion for Location Awareness
- Quality of Service Enhancement and Interface Development for Disaster Time Communication Network using WIMAX and Wi-Fi
- Advanced Mobility Management for seamless Voice Call Handover in the IMS
- Generic Activity Recognition for Real-World Application
- Contextualization of Office Artifacts using RFID
- Community-Collaboration using Online-maps
- Development of a Model-Based Workflow-Designer
- Developing an Interactive Software Visualization and Navigation Framework for Eclipse
- Implementation and Performance Analyzis of a UDP Binding for SOAP
- Improving Schema Matching by Exploiting Semantic Information
- Development of robust video recognition system and alignment tool
- Deployment and Evaluation of GMPLS Networks in Context of Scalability
- Automatic RTL Implementation of Reconfigurable ASIPs from High-level Description
- Realization and Evaluation of an Asynchronous Service Access Protocol for Mobile Web Services
- Effective Bandwidth Management for Roaming Users in an 802.11 Wireless MAN
- An Advanced Map Service for Cultural Heritage Communities
- Adapting User Interfaces to Mobile Input Devices
- Music Recommendation Based on Album Reviews
- Development of a Newspaper Image Understanding System
- Dynamic Awareness for Shared Workspaces
- SCA Compliant Waveform Design for future Software Defined Radios
- QoS-aware Publish Subscribe System using Spatial Indexes
- Word Dependant Scaling Factors in Automatic Speech Recognition
- Haptic Palpation based on Anatomical Simulation for Virtual Environments
- Predictive Filtering & Effects on Human System Interaction in Virtual Environments
- Integration of Smart Caching and Overlay Networks for Wireless Communication Networks
- Feature Selection and Extraction: A Video Retrieval Perspective
- Context-Based Navigation Support for Commuters
- Device and Route Discovery in Hetrogeneous ZigBee-IP Networks
- Visualization of Parameter Data
- Improving User's Awareness of Diet and Physical Activity Using Mobile Persuasive Technologies
- Design and Implementation of Peer-to-Peer based on Virtual Private Network
- An integrated approach to biological data management based on ER modelling
- Web based multi user annotation framework for multimedia data
- Transformation of Modelling Language on Medical Domain into Excecutable Language: The Case of GLIF to JPDL
- Diagnostic Analysis of Control Plane Signalling in Optical Networks
- Web Browser Service Continuity on Portable Storage Devices with Utility-Based Evaluation for Personal Privacy Tradeoff
- Clustering Photos to Improve Visualization of Collections
- PLEM: A Web 2.0 Driven Service for Personal Learning Management
- A Neural Network Approach to Learning the Benavior of a Kicking Device in the Gazebo
- A Toolkit to support Dynamic Social Network Visualization
- Dynamic Data Flow Analysis for MPSoC Software Development
- Dynamic Patterns for the Analysis of Cultural Science Discourses
- View Planning for Robot-Based 3D Reconstruction
- Composition of Mappings for a Generic Meta-Model
- Generic Schema Merging Based on Complex Mappings
- Computer-supported Shape Modeling by Re-Combination of Geometric Components
- Human Computer Interaction Using Vision Based Gesture Recognition with Depth Maps
- Personalizing Music in Public Places for Individuals and Groups
- Time-Based Video Annotation and Time-based Video Linking - A Concept Analysis Realized with the Joomla! Framework
- IdeaBall: A Physical Artifact for Moderating and Analyzing Brainstorming Sessions
- Evaluation and Improvement of Security in Zigbee Networks
- Component Deployment System for Roles
- Data Classification in Wireless Sensor Networks for Habitat Monitoring
- Mobile User Interface for Outdoor Sports Applications
- Dynamically Coupling ERP Information Pieces by Task Flow
- Identity Based Encryption: Security Notions and New Identity Based Encryption Schemes based on Sakai-Kasahara Key Construction
- Speech Technology for Computer Assisted Captioning of TV Programs
- Disk-based Interface for Semantic Composition
- Mobile Interaction in Ubiquitious Computing Environments - Exploration of an Interacton Mechanism Based on Map Views
- Online Data Exchange of Automation Systems for the Mining Industry
- Internet Congestion Control Equilibra: A Strategy-Proof Approach
- Frequency-Dependent Resource Signalling and Scheduling for an OFDMA based Data Link Layer
- Web 2.0: A Classification Framework Based on Technology and Application
- Influence of Magnification to Distance Pointing
- Rich Tactile Output and Feedback on Mobile Devices
- Process Modelling Support in the Disaster Management Domain
- Mobile Cocktail Party - Exploring Interaction with Spatial Audio Applications on Mobile Devices
- Handwrite: A Text Input Technique for Multitouch Tabletops Using Hand Gestures
- Software Configuration Management for Change-Sensitive Real-Time Simulation Software with Many Variants
- Modelling and Simulation of Network Architectures for Triple-Play Services
- An Evaluation of Salience-Driven 3D Shape Retrieval Methods
- Investigating the Effect of Age and Parkinson's Disease on Touch-based Selection and Scrolling Tasks
- NetLearn: Social Network Analysis and Visualisations for Learning
- Distributed Meta-Learning for Document Classification
- Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Framework for Mobile Phone Interaction with Personalized Web Application and Asynchronous Communication Back Channel
- Linear Discriminant Analysis in a Log-Linear Framework for Speech Recognition
- Evaluating Parallel Programming Models
- Evaluating the Effectiveness of Information Presentation Methods in Spoken Dialogue Systems
- Transformation and Visualization of Mappings between Models
- An Enhanced Mechanism for Content Distribution in Next Generation Networks
- Pyragrid: Integrating Peer to Peer and Grid Architectures
- Updating XML
- Realtime Nocturnal Rendering
- Plans from Proofs
- Multimodal Search Interface for Next gEneration sEarch engine for Digital Libraries (NEEDLE)
- Mixup: A Design Tool for the Rapid Integration of Presentation components
- Tailorability of personalized web services composition
- Development of Interaction Interfaces between 3D Games and Markerless Hand-Tracking
- Exchange of Graphical Data between Application Specific Software and COTS Software
- Physics Abstraction Layer for Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications
- Application of SIOC Ontology for the Development of Workspace Interoperability in MS Sharepoint
- Development of a Semiautomatic Graffiti Tag Identification System
- Robust logo recogniton from color documents using region-based shape descriptors
- Application of (indoor) Positioning Technology to Support Cooperative Tasks and Intergration of Selected Positioning Systems into a Groupware System (FIT-Tracker)
- Semi-Formal Process Models to Executable Workflows
- Semantic Web Service Selection supporting QoS and Context Awareness
- Computation of Saliency Maps in Street Videos acquired by a moving Camera
- Development of Error Concealment Algorithms for H-264/AVC Scalable Video Coding
- Counterfeit Detection by Mining Product Traces
- Design and evaluation of a minimally-distraction in-car video communication system
- Supporting Collaboration in Meetings based on Interactive Paper Documents and a Tabletop
- Activity Recognition in Still Images
- Visual Micro Blogging for self-reflection
- Comparison of Local Detectors and Descriptors for Pose Estimation
- Predicting Aesthetics in Photographic Images
- Concept and Implementation for Context-Based Documents within Groupware Systems
- A Metadata-Based Media Player for Viewing and Sharing of Streaming Content
- Asynchronous Distributed Indexing of Large Media Collections
- Magic Lense Tracking with an Infrared Grid
- The HomeMedia Project: Studying Mobile Interaction in Ubiquitous Home
- Perceptual Evaluation of BTF Compression Techniques
- Towards a Flexible, Modular Geodata Visualization System
- Design of a Personal Data Service with Collaborative Capabilities
- Characterisation and Applications of MANET Routing Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks
- Semi-Automatic Validation of Semantic Business Process Models
- Image Clustering Using Machine Learning Algorithms
- Process Support in the Emergency Management Domain
- A comparative study of record matching algorithms
- Software Framework for Computing Semantic Relatedness using Explicit Semantic Analysis (ESA)
- Resource Allocation and Access Control in a Dynamic Process Management System
- Prototyping Real-Time Collaborative Applications
- Practical Evaluation of Polygonization Algorithms
- Web Application Attacks and Adversarial Modelling: A new Approach for Classification and Attacker-Centric Formalization of Web Aplications Attacks
- Mobile Contexts: Network Fingerprinting and Auto Configuration
- Design of a Presentation State Manager for Displaying Characterictics of Medical Images
- Interlinking cross-application desktop hierarchies to overcome their semantic lacuna
- Coupled Sonar Inertial Navigation System for Pedestriam Tracking
- Cryptanalysis of Hash Funcions
- The UbiLens Approach - A Visualization and Interaction Technique for Real World Objects in Smart Environments trhourgh a Mobile Phone Camera
- A Social Web Service Adaptation Portal Driven by User Context
- Trained Graph Cut for Image Segmentation
- Exploring Task Information through BSCW with Interactive Visualization
- A Platform for Event-Based Provisioning of NGN Services
- Anomaly Detection in Different Contexts on Smart Phones
- A Supporting Environment for Review Management Systems Analysis in Scientific Publication
- Design and Evaluation of a Mobile Device as a Smart Metering Display
- Human Age Recognition on Portraits
- Lying Posture Recogniton in Still Images
- Development of a Mobile Display and Analysis Unit for the IPANEMA Body Sensor Network
- Incremental evaluation of XML views (relational subsystem)
- Certain and Maybe Answers in Data Exchange
- Performance Evaluation of Handoff and Connectivity Optimization Techniques for Wi-Fi based Mobile Access Networks
- Complex Action Selection in Spoken Dialogue Systems
- Web-based Mobile Text Retrievval
- Modeling Design Patterns with Description Logic
- Combinatory Categorial Grammar Parser in Natural Language Toolkit
- Realistic Garment Replacement in Images
- JPEG 2000 Region of Interest Encoding in Broadcast Applications
- A SIP-Based Framework for Context-Aware Service Provisioning in Converging Environments
- Object Oriented Data Model ot the Semiconductor Industry aligned to SCOR on the example of Infineon with focus on product
- Estimation of 3D Human Pose and Motion from a Video Sequence
- My Sessions Tool - Context Aware Monitoring of Computer User Resources
- Supporting Mobile Users of Shared Workspaces
- Brainstorming Using Multi-Touch Tabletop
- Visualization of Large Process Models
- Fly – Expressive and Conveying Planar Presentations
- Increasing Energy Awareness in Office Spaces: A Pervasive Game-Based Approach
- Twitter Author Analysis (Tweets - Stylistic Pattern Recognition)
- Matrix Factorization for Graph Link Prediction
- Efficient Multi-View Object Detection and Segmentation
- Perceptually Tuned Color Reduction for Document Images
- Image Retrieval, Annotation and Classification Using Data in Multiple Modality
- Exploring Mobile Augmented Reality Instructions to Assist Operating Physical Interfaces
- Building an Effective Rewarding System based on Reputation
- Human Action Recognition in Still Images
- Passing-by Interaction in Public
- Concept and Evaluation of Mobile Application Server for IP Multimedia Subsystem
- Novel Approaches for Touchless Interaction With Mobile and Desktop Devices in Digital Entertainment
- Comparision and Evaluation of Procedureal and Stereo Modeling Techniques for Rapid Prototyping of Real Cities
- Perceptual Video Similarity
- Using semantic web technologies for data update
- Implementation and Analysis of Join Algorithms to handle skew for the Hadoop Map/Reduce Framework
- 3D Buildings Extraction from Aerial Images
- Design and Evaluation of Different Smoothness Constraints for Scene Flow Estimation
- Prototyping Power Loading for CSMA-based Wireless Networks
- Using Background Knowledge in Schema Matching and Ontology Alignment
- A Global Oneway Control Channel for Opportunistic Networking
- Emergent Gameplay through a Collaborative and Competitive Location-based Mobile Game
- Influence Analysis of UbiComp Systems on Large-Scale Emergency Scenarios Using Agent-Based Simulation
- Signal-based Estimation of the Number of Simultaneous Speakers
- Residual Prediction in High Efficiency Video Coding
- Semi-Supervised Online Learning for Low-Level Tracking
- A Course Mapping Tool for Collaborative Learning
- Real-time Area Lights with GPU-based Voxelization and Cone Tracing
- Certificateless Encryption Scheme Using Biometric Identity
- Extracting Expertise, Interests and Social Networks from User Actions in a Cooperation Platform
- Robust Expert Ranking in Community-based Fake Multimedia Detection Systems
- Tag-Based Collaborative Filtering Recommendation in PLEM (Personal Learning Environment Manager)
- Sentence Boundary Detection for Broadcast News Recordings
- Agent-Based Simulation of Effectual and Casual Behaviors of Entrepreneurs
- Design and Implementation of a Flat SGSN Functionality for 3GPP Release 11 Evolved Packet
- Improved Visualization of Evolutionary Bridge Design Pattern Library
- Detecting and Visualizing Overlapping Facebook Communities with Node XL
- Requirements and Evaluation of an Open Assessment Framework
- Collaborative Checklist System for Mobile Users in Emergency Response
- Automatic classification of polarized light microscopic images for high throughput protein crystallization screening
- Efficient DBSCAN Clustering with MapReduce
- Collective Activity Recognition Based on Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Objects
- Discovery of Semantic Relationships in Schema Matching
- Analyzing Causes of Privacy Mismatches in Service Oriented Architecture
- Mining Correlation Clusters in Subspaces of High Dimensional Databases
- Similarity Matching and Summarization for Uncertain Time Series
- Design and Implementation of a Content Rating and Recommender System for a Collaborative Work Environment
- The impact of body posture on couchtable accuracy
- Individual and Group Interest Mining in Academic Networks
- Efficient Retrieval of Mobility Patterns on Mobile Devices
- Developing a Domain-Specific Mashup Tool
- Natural head-motion synthesis for animated talking faces
- Fabiji: A tablet kiosk to facilitate creating and sharing documentation at fab labs
- Interest Mining in Social Networks
- Application and Gamification in BSCW system to enhance user behavior
- HeapVision: Debugging by Interactive Heap Navigation
- Code Mixer: A Visual Approach to Code Comprehension and Information Foraging
- Learning Analytics tool for Video-Based Learning in L2P
- Quality of Service Evaluation of IP Multimedia Services based on service differentiation over the mobile networks
- Realization of Peer Review Assessment in L2P
- Supporting Users in Creating Customized Trust Queries
- Network-based Classification of Application Behaviour
- A Collaborative Evolution Process for an Evolutionary Design Pattern Library
- Requirements Identification with Open Source Software
- A Web Dashboard for Community-Regulated Microlearning
- An Open Assessment Support Tool for L2P
- Evaluation of the Relevance of the Source IP Address for Collected Malware
- Monitoring and Analysing the Communication Activity of eProfessionals
- Non-Local Scene Flow with Soft Segmentation
- Design and Implementation of a Software Infrastructure for Relevance Feedback Applied to Big Data from Simulations
- Parallelization of a geological reservoir simulation software package
- Rapid Prototyping Tool for Mapping Physical Sensors to Domain Models
- Sniper Pointing: Above the Surface Pointing in Mid-Air
- A Japanese Sign Language / International Signs Teaching System with Kinect
- Concept and Evaluation of Semi-Automatic Tagging for Emails
- Improving Awareness at the Workplace Using Colorful Light
- TextiPad: Implementation and Evaluation of a Wearable Textile Touchpad
- Adding Document Management Support to Email Communication
- Conjunctive Triple Queries Over Unstructured Data
- An Interactive Platform for Collaborative Stroytelling - The Storybroad System
- A Framework For Inexpensive And Unobtrusive Tracking Of Everyday Objects And Single-Touch Detection
- Computing with infinite groups
- Large-scale Image-based localization using learnt projection for local features
- Building an appearance based hand gesture recognition system using the Microsoft Kinect
- Movement analysis of visitors using location-aware guides in museums
- Establishing invariant parameters for the OBJECT image schema in gestures through motion-capture data analysis
- Exploring the use of physical surfaces for extension of a digital working environment
- Resolving Ambiguities in Modulated Phase Shifting for Multi-View Stereo Reconstruction
- Opposable Thumbs: A Bare-hands Text Input Technique
- A Business Process for Continuity and Recovery in Virtualized Systems and Mitigating the Risks and Threats of Virtualization
- Visualizations of Learner Models
- Syntactic Smoothing of Hierarchical Translation Models
- Generating a Reputation System for Wireless Mesh Networks by Profiling Expected Node Behaviour
- Device Proxy Discovery and Ontology-Based Domain Model Middleware
- Micro-architectural Error Propagation Analysis through Probabilistic Error Masking Matrices in Approximate Computing
- 2D Visualization of 3D Medical Images within a Distributed System for Cancer Treatment using Hybrid Computation Approach
- User Decisions about the Security of Mobile Applications
- TrendNexus: Analysis and Visualization of Twitter Hashtags and their Correlation
- Redesigning Web Applications for Collaboration: A Widgettizing Methodology
- Methods for Leaf Segmentation and Feature Analysis
- Increasing User Awareness for Genomic Privacy
- Random Forests for 3D Pose Estimation from 2D Images
- Application-Centric Deployment of Low-Power Wireless Networks
- BAMBI: Bio Analysis Multi-tracking Based Integration System for BioLab
- Evaluating Interactive Diagrams for the Analysis of Neuron Activity Data
- Integrated Banner Visualization to Improve Asynchronous Workspace Awareness Suppport in a Collaborative Application
- Collaborative and situation dependent management of public screen content
- A Toolkit for Data Collection, Management and Analytics in Academic Networks
- Public Display Ahthentication
- A Study of the possible Scenarios for Rendering on a Tiled Display Wall using a Single PC
- Movement Patterns in Location-based Multiplayer Games
- Improvement of 3D Models in Image-Guided Positioning
- Grippo: Using Grip Gestures to Repurpose Everyday Objects as Controllers
- VisiStat: Visualization-driven interactive statistical analysis
- Interest-based Recommendation in Academic Networks using Social Network Analysis
- User Centered Design Approach to Visualise Opportunities For Collaboration in Large Organisations
- Modelling of XAx-Process Chains
- Mobile Shopping Experiences and Purchases on Google Glass
- Protecting Users from Co-Location Disclosures in Online Social Networks
- Improving Depth based Poeple Detection for Mobile Robotics
- Semantic Segmentation using Context Sensitive Decisioin Forest
- Editing 3D segmentations of pleural thickenings combining image information and user-interaction
- Adapting Speech Act Theory to Support Organization of Email-based Conversations
- Implementation and Feasibility Study of a Cooperative Mobile Network Connectiviity System
- Real-time collaborative IMS Learning Design Authoring Tool
- Design and Development of a Web Automation Framework for Manual/Automatic Testing of Modern Web Applications
- Digital Music Instrument: Analyzing Hand Gesture To Understand Hand Movement Towards Music Parameters
- Exploiting Gamification for Geographical Entity Matching
- Visual Bookmarking with Mindmap Method
- Simplifying the Understanding of Trust Management for Non-Security Experts
- Social Media Filtering based on Linked Open Data
- Heterogeneous Spreading in Complex Networks with Community Structure
- GazeTouch: Using Gaze Tracking to Select Indirect Touch Targets
- Symphony of Modalities for Interaction in Augmented Reality
- A Semantic Content-based Recommender System using Bayesian Networks
- Investigating Local Symmetries for Image Ratings Prediction
- A Gestural Interaction Model to Classify Deformable Everyday Objects
- WatchRing: Fast and eyes-free scrolling method for smart watches
- Quantifying Similarity and Predictions in Location-Based Social Networks
- Development of an Adaptive Indoor Localization Support System for People with Special Needs
- Nato Generic Vehicle Architecture (NGVA) Sensor Integration for Adaptable Crew Assistance, Alarm and Event Prediction System
- Design and Evaluation of an Augmented Flute for Beginners
- Seat occupancy detection using data fusion at car sensors
- Autoencoder networks for detection of fraudulent financial activities in ERP systems
- Rotationally Invariant Classification of Symmetric Functions on the Sphere
- Designing a seamless UI between PRIME apps
- Designing a Seamless Application Architecture in the Android Platform for the PRIME Apps
- Contribution of Optical Flow in Stereo Object Detection
- A RESTful Web-based Expert Recommender Framework
- Conveying Feedback in Skill Movement Acquisition
- Data-driven motion synthesis of virtual dance partners
- Fast Projection to the Birckhoff Polytope
- User-centered Design of Tools for Dynamic Tagging of Environment to Support Firefighters in Disaster Scenarios
- Retrieving Indoor Routes using iBeacons
- Animation of Primitives Sketches: From Gathering Dataset to 2D Animation with Use of Motion Caption Database
- BundleMAP: Anatomically Localized Classification Regression and Statistical Analysis in Diffusion MRI
- A Framework for Predictive Analysis of Time Evolving and Overlapping Communities
- Random Forests for Stroke-Based Design of High-Diminsional Transfer Functions
- Free decoding parameter optimization for automatic speech recognition
- Analysis and Detection of Android Malware with a special focus on Droid KungFu
- Patch-Based Nonrigid Registration of Triangle Meshes and Point Clouds
- Time Series Prediction using Echo State
- Holistic History User Interface in HCM Cloud Applications
- Usability, Modularity and Extensibility Improvement in CourseMapper
- Visualizing Whole Brain Tractography on a Head Mounted Display
- Prediction and control of thermal energy demand of commercial buildings using neural networks
- Hierarchical Archetypal Analysis for Image Recognition
- Open-world Short-term People Re-identification
- Crease Enhancement Using Fourth Order Nonlinear Anisotropic Diffusion Equations
- Facial Landmark Localisation with Random Forests Under Occlusion
- Detecting Appliances and Faults in Appliances based on Power Usage Data
- Usability Evaluation of Ontology Engineering Tools